Catalogues for Bad Credit

Catalogues for bad credit can be a real life saver. Imagine being low on cash and credit with a bad credit rating to boot. Things would not be rosy at all if you badly need something a bit pricey. The truth is that the cheap credit of yesteryears left many shoppers deep in debt. Now that lenders have become mean fisted and started demanding for their money, many people find themselves with a bad rating. Having a bad rating is a big hurdle if you would like to do credit shopping. Few dealers are willing to take on a risky customer. Luckily, there are some catalogues that are willing to give you a chance.

Catalogue shopping

There are numerous catalogues offering credit shopping. To shop on credit at a catalogue, you will have a credit check to ascertain how risky you are. Some catalogues will give you a second chance if they think you are redeemable. Catalogue with bad credit allowance for shoppers will ask you to open a personal account for a try out. With this account, you can get a credit limit typically of £100 to start you off. This personal account keeps record of your shopping on the catalogue. This is unlike shopping with your credit card where these details go onto the credit card. You make payments for what you buy at the end of every month. A monthly statement is issued to remind you of the facts.

Benefits of catalogue shopping

When you shop on bad credit catalogues, you stand a chance of mending your tattered credit record. With each payment you successfully make, you get positive marks on your rating. Since the credit rating is just like a record of your bad against your good, an accumulation of good gives you a positive rating. The lenders can then afford to look your way. A better credit rating means you qualify for a higher credit limit and hence a larger shopping basket. Life becomes a bit easier. The good thing about catalogue shopping is that there are numerous discounts and offers. Coupled with easy payment terms, this could have you having an affordable shopping experience.

Bad credit catalogues

Shopping on catalogues has the benefits of enjoying numerous bargains available at one time or another. Seasonal discounts, mid-season discounts, value packs, weekly deals and offers on selected brands are all available. Some will entice you with offers to deliver the goods for free and take them back if you do not like them. There are a number of catalogues that are wiling to take on shoppers with a low credit rating.


There are a number of alternatives that you can consider which can help improve your credit rating, such as credit cards, mobile phones and bank accounts. Whilst most of these tend to be harder to get accepted for than catalogues, most bank accounts for bad credit have guaranteed acceptance! Also known as a basic bank account, they can help you improve your credit rating although these should only really be considered if you find that a bad credit or no credit check catalogue won’t accept you.